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Join one of the only outreach support and training networks to help you fulfill outreach missions in your community. Are you or your organization searching for missions activities that measurably impact lives? If so, we provide 3 levels of support to assist your goals for local outreach to create a transformative culture. 

1. Evaluate How You Are Impacting People

How effective are you loving your neighbors? Coworkers? Enemies? Use our tools to assess the effectiveness of your personal outreach or your church's local outreach. Your organization can also share strengths and needs, and add it's profile to our Outreach Map.

Featured Item: Community Outreach Asset Map
Our community outreach map also helps us provide you with resources, partners, and more!

2. Equip Your Members With Outreach Skills

Do you want to learn how to quickly navigate tools to help people in need? Could you use new tools to transform lives through healthy evangelism? Join outreach workers monthly to discuss solutions, take courses for outreach development, and explore or contribute resources to our outreach database.

Featured: Online Courses

3. Empower People With Data & Testimonies

There's 1 timeless story that has transformed the lives of generations, the Good News! Learn how to effectively develop and capture data-based stories that will impact lives too. These good news stories will be shared and honored by residents to attract them to your local missions activities and charitable community.

Featured: Outreach Stories
Add your outreach story to our annual impact report on how local churches reach residents.

 Thank you for taking the time to prioritize caring for your local community!

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